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Reasons Why you Should Prefer Waterjet Cutting

Manufacturing work has now been made more convenient by the use of waterjet cutting. The cutting technology comes in two different kinds making it easy to cut almost any existing type of material. The pure and abrasive waterject cutting technologies differ in that the former only depends on water stream to initiate cutting, while the latter adds the use of a granular abrasive to the existing water stream. There are many advantages that come with the decision to use the waterjet cutting technique. Through this article, you will be informed of some of the advantages to look out for from the use of waterjet cutting.

The first one is super edge quality. Designers are always concerned with the kind cutting edge a cutting process can produce. The use of jet cuttingwill gift you with a cutting that produces a smooth edge without any burrs. To achieve such a perfect cutting edge, the waterjet relies on the efficiency of its speed, pressure, nozzle size, as well as the abrasive flow rate. Such features are also responsible for the fact that waterjet cutting does not need secondary finishing.

Secondly, the process is efficient and cost-effective. The use of waterjet cutting is suited for even the thickest of all types of materials. This adds to the efficiency and flexibility that manufacturers and designers can draw from their work. The various kinds of waterjet cutting makes it easy to cut materials such as aluminum, hardened steel, and the various multi-layer materials. The cutting process initiated by the use of waterjet cutting leaves no room for more work, eliminating time-wasting. This means that the process is instrumental in saving on time and additional costs.

Moreover, there are no heat affected zones. The cold nature of the cutting process contributes to no distortion problems associated with heat. As such, the Flow Waterjetprocess is suitable for use in intricate metal fabrication and also for materials that still need additional machine work. The original molecular structure of many materials is liable for distortion by the heat produced by other cutting processes. Such kind of distortions have the ability to significantly interfere with the performance of the materials when putting into certain use. Waterjet cutting uses cold cutting technology that enhances safety.

Finally, the process produces no hazardous waste. All industrial process should aim at being safe to the environment. This calls for the use of environmental-friendly methods of cutting. The use of the waterjet cutting is friendly to the ecosystem due to the fact that it does not emit any dangerous wastes to the environment. This is one of the reasons why the technology is gaining popularity amongst designers and manufacturers. Find out facts, visit

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